My In-Flight Skincare Routine

I love plane rides, you know why? Because I get to be away from it all and get a few hours of literal “me time”. But then, plane rides, especially the long ones, can take a huge toll on the skin. That’s why, over the years, I’ve developed a routine that would keep me worry-free the entire flight.


I have trust issues when it comes to public transportation and to avoid losing sleep over some germs, I always make sure to wipe off my tray table and headrest with antibacterial wipes as soon as a settle in to my seat (yes, I’m actually one of the neat freaks).

Remove Make-Up moment the plane reaches its cruising altitude, I immediately remove my make-up using make-up remover wipes but this One Step Pimple Clear Pad by COSRx works even better since it doubles as a remover and cleanser all in one. I don’t want to clog my skin and make it more susceptible to unwanted zits, all with the help the plane’s 12% humidity level, which makes my oily skin become even more oilier.


That low humidity and high air pressure will not only cause you unwanted facial visitors but it will also guarantee you a banging headache and increase in sleepiness. To combat all of these, your best bet would be to hydrate — drink lots of water, trust me, I’d rather choose peeing every now and then rather than getting a zit during my entire vacation.

Tone and treat

After I’ve removed my make-up and I’m now comfy in my seat, I start with my skincare routine. I first put on some toner just to set my skin’s pH in the right value. And if I already have the unwanted on my face prior to boarding, I apply a skin treatment patch like this one from COSRx since it’s very effective in keeping the unwanted to a minimum size.

Apply eye cream

To avoid post-flight eye puffiness, I apply some good ‘ol eye cream. I have been loving this Snail Repair Eye Cream from Mizon, as it is very effective in dealing with my under eye area problems.

Wear a mask sheet

Mask sheets are all the rage for a reason — they’re very effective! Just wearing them for 15 minutes makes a great difference in your skin condition, especially in harsh environments such as plane cabins. Who cares if you’ll look silly? I’m pretty sure your skin will love you more after that. I personally prefer sheets with Green Tea and Vitamin C to relax and brighten my skin effortlessly.

Put on some lip treatment

Slather on your favorite lip balm to condition your lips — mine’s this Bam Balm by Beachborn since it has an all-natural composition. The lack of water and the plane’s recycled air will make your skin dry and your lips will show it first.


Lavender 5 Deep Sleep Calming MistDon’t forget to sleep! As I have said above, the plane’s environment will make you more sleepy and tired, so don’t ignore it. Drink lots of water before sleeping or napping and then recharge your body before hitting the ground. This Lavender 5 Deep Sleep Calming Mist by Avoca Lab is the perfect mist for your easy slumber.


Sitting for long periods of time can get too uncomfortable and can even lead to blood clotting. To lessen the risks, don’t forget to take walks in the aisle and move your feet, this will help your blood circulation to keep going.

Put on light make-up

The goal is to look fresh — so don’t go overboard with the make-up. Personally, I just apply my favorite Laneige BB cushion and a concealer for additional coverage, a lip and cheek tint for color and the last but definitely not the least, do my brows. I like to keep it simple since I also want to avoid bringing tons of make-up whenever traveling.

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I hope you find my tips helpful for your next trip! Always remember, when traveling…less is more!



  1. April 17, 2017 / 1:55 am

    Read this twice already! Good write up Boo. More of this please!!! <3

    • April 17, 2017 / 5:02 pm

      Yay! Thanks boooo!!! ❤

  2. May 4, 2017 / 12:41 pm

    The air in the cabin is so dry that you need to hydrate yourself more frequently, especially if you’re taking more than 4 hrs of flight. 😀

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