New York Diaries: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

One of the highlights of my New York trip was visiting The Metropolitan Museum of Art. I first saw it in Gossip Girl since the Blair and her friends usually hangout for lunch at the Met’s steps. But if you’re not a Gossip Girl fan like me, I’m sure you’ve heard about this place from the annual Met Gala, where celebrities dress up with their most creative and artistic designer dresses, for a charity event in benefit of the Met’s Costume Institute.

True to being one the biggest museums in the world, The Met has one heck of a collection. It holds a little bit of everything from every corner of the world. And since it was my first time to actually step inside such a grand museum, the massive collection actually overwhelmed me, they really had everything! I had to make sure I listed all my favorite spots so that when I come back, I’ll be able to see them again.

My sister and I owe our first ever museum experience to our Tita Elizabeth!

Egyptian Art

Ever since I was in elementary, I have always been interested in the Egyptian history. Thanks to those encyclopedias which opened my mind to their world and more. All those mummies and mystical pyramids, well, basically their way of life — I wanted to see them for myself. And because I was saving my Egypt trip for another time in my life, the closest thing I would have to breathing ancient Egyptian dust was inside The Met.

Temple of Dendur

Fun fact: In 1965, Egypt gave this temple to the United States as a gift and it was transported by ship, packed in 660 crates and put back together again, block by block, at the Met.

Egpytian coffin and some of the owner’s possessions that were kept inside with the deceased to bring to the afterlife.

European and Medieval Art

This is my second favorite area in the museum! One fact about me is that I love watching movies about Joan of Ark, Anne Boleyn and about old Europe. Until now, I binge-watch series like The Crown, Reign and The Tudors on Netflix. So, just imagine how giddy I was when I got to see treasures from that period in history.

Arms and Armor

This is actually a stove. A Contemporary faience stove by David II Pfau of Winterthur. Painted on it are stories from the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.

The Charles Engelhard Court

It would be a shame to visit the US and not learn a thing or two about their history. The Met’s American Wing is the perfect place to get your dose of American history. The collection ranges from little antiquities likes jars and vases, to statues and lamp posts and even building facades!

I really loved The Charles Engelhard Court, simply because the moment I stepped inside, I felt this funny feeling of tranquility and that’s rare to find in a busy city like New York. You really wouldn’t be able to miss this place since there’s a huge building façade smacked right at the middle, by the way, that’s the Martin E. Thompson Branch Bank of America and it’s surrounded by various marbled sculptures, mosaics and planting beds. The ceiling is a beautiful glass and the walls are covered by stained glass windows where on one side the court, one could actually see Central Park.

Martin E. Thompson Branch Bank of America

Some photos I took inside the American Wing when I entered through the red door of the Martin E. Thompson Branch Bank of America.

Verplanck Room, 1767

Alexandria Ballroom, 1792

I love the glass-enclosed American wing!

The MET Rooftop

If not for my cousin, Enrique, I wouldn’t know that this place existed or even if I did I would be too shy to go up. And I must say, the view from above is amazing!

You can also get a view of the New York skyline here!

They also hold exhibitions in this area and when I was there Pierre Huyghe’s Mixes Stones and Water installation was on display.

Inside the tank is a boulder of lava, eel-like lampreys and bright orange tadpole shrimp.

The MET Steps

Well, this one’s a no-brainer. *wink*

This is the place where they take those red carpet photos during The Met Gala and this is where Serena and Blair spend their mornings when they were still students.

Tried to imitate Blair Waldorf.

New York City food vendors in front of the Met.

My cousin, Enrique, who took me to my 2nd visit to the Met.

It’s a New Yorker thing: Hotdogs, steps and people-watching.

Until next time, Met!

Photos are from June 2015.


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