New York Diaries: A Trip to the Museum of Modern Art

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“If I can’t be fishing or hunting, I want to be in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.” ~ Jim Harrison

One of the best things about New York is that you could do a lot of things for free! Parks, museums, street performances and a lot more!

Our Aunt decided to bring us the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Lucky for us, the museum offers a “Free Friday Nights” pass from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Which I think is sponsored by Uniqlo since there’s a branch right across the block. The offer was just too tempting and we couldn’t pass it up.

But before going to the museum, our Aunt took us to the Famous Original Ray’s Pizza to grab a quick slice. The branch we went to was few blocks away from Times Square. I read online that there was a controversy about where you could find the real and original Ray’s Pizza place so I’m not really sure if this is the right one or is it just one of the many knockoffs. But I didn’t care since I just wanted to try some New York pizza and boy, they do know their pizza.

We each got a slice and I got my all time favorite cheese pizza.

After devouring those slices in just a matter of minutes, we proceeded to the museum only to find the longest line I’ve ever seen! It almost covered an entire block! But the good thing was that, the staff of the museum were fast in assisting everyone with their tickets and I didn’t feel the wait at all.

Ta-da! We got our free tickets, time to see what’s inside!

His famous Campbell’s Soup Cans, there were 32 of them.

Andy Warhol’s Marilyns.

Listening to the sound of a phonograph.

3D printed dress! So cool!

Solari di Udine, Italy. A vintage split-flap board used in airports.

Portrait of the Postman Joseph Roulin, Van Gogh 1888

And the most famous painting in the museum, The Starry Night, Van Gogh, 1889.

Staring at Jasper Johns’ Green Target.

I was fine for a while, just looking at the paintings…everything felt so calming…until I saw these pieces.

Book 4 by Lucas Samaras, 1962. That’s one painful book to read!

Accumulation No. 1 by Yayoi Kusama, 1962. Does it look comfortable enough?

On the third floor, there was a special exhibition by Björk entitled ‘Songlines’ which required another ticket, but since it was Free Fridays Nights, everything was for free!

It also featured Björk’s famous outfits and costumes.

And of course, her song writing drafts were on display.

We made our way out to the courtyard and saw this giant rose and of course, we had to take photos!

It was actually cold that day, I think I had 4 layers on me. Brr! Haha! Thanks to our Aunt for taking us!

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