Sleeping Dinosaur Trail

Off the shores of Brgy. Dawan, Mati, Davao Oriental, peacefully rests a plesiosaurus-looking island, more commonly known as the Sleeping Dinosaur. The island is visible from the main highway and if you opt to stop by and take photos, a viewing deck with enough parking space is available just along the road. But for a more clear and intimate view of the island, I would suggest you take the Sleeping Dino Trail. || SleepingDino-6

How to go there?

  1. Fly to Davao
    • If you’re coming from abroad:
      • Book a ticket to Davao (DVO) from Manila (MNL) or Cebu (CEB) via Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific Air, or Air Asia.
      • BONUS: If you’re coming from Singapore (SIN), there’s a direct flight to Davao via Cebu Pacific Air!
  2. Upon arrival in Davao, book a cab ride to the Davao City Overland Transport Terminal (DCOTT) using the GRAB app, you can use my code: GRABSAIDAY10 to get Php 50 off!
  3. Take the bus going to MATI, I personally suggest you ride the Metro Shuttle Bus (blue/red color) or the Bachelor Express (yellow) since they have more trips within the day than the other buses.
    • The commute will take about 5-6 hours at the most, so make sure you pack enough snacks for the trip.
    • Inform the conductor that you’ll be going down in Brgy. Badas “bulaloan” just before the Sleeping Dinosaur view deck.
  4. Upon arrival, just beside the bulaloan is a passageway that would lead you to the trail itself, just follow it.
  5. You’ll eventually reach a small house and they would ask if you would want to have guides or not, also just pay the entrance fee of Php 10.00.

Things to remember:

  • Best time to start the trail would be 5:00 am so you could catch the sunrise! Plus, it won’t be hot since there’s not much shade available in the area.
  • Other travellers have said that this trail is an easy one, all you have to do is protect yourself from getting dehydrated or getting a heat stroke!
  • Bring your water and don’t forget to stay hydrated!
  • Protect your skin by wearing sunblock.
  • The trail takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes back and forth.
  • The trail itself has been paved so that you wouldn’t get lost, just remember to follow it!
  • Don’t litter! Let’s help preserve the natural beauty of this land.
  • The soil can get a little slippery when it’s very dry, I suggest you wear proper shoes or bring a walking stick with you to help keep your balance. You’d be passing through a lot of up and down slopes, so be careful! *trust me on this*

After a few minutes, you would arrive at an area with the clearest view of the Sleeping Dinosaur, when it’s not too hot, you can spread a blanket, lie down or just simply enjoy the view. The wind from the ocean can also be very healing to the soul.

After this, you can opt to ride the motor boat at the end of the trail which would take you to Mati City Baywalk. Or you could also walk back and take a motorcycle ride at the bulaloan that would take you to the city. I personally suggest that after this hike, you stay a night at the Dahican beach!

So that’s it! I hope you remember all my reminders because let me tell you, this trip was something else for me, since I was not prepared at all!

By the way, here’s my vlog, watch and find out for yourself my experience! 🙂


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