Rooftop Bars and Empire State Building

New York is one of those cities that would never run out of places to go. Such as, the awesome rooftop bars and restaurants scattered all over the city. Whether you want to get an amazing view of the skyline during the day or chill under the stars at night, New York City has the best rooftop bars for any time of the day.

One of the items in my NYC bucket list was to go up to the Empire State Building. But we didn’t have enough time, so I’ll have to just reserve that for my next trip. But even though, I wasn’t able to go up the Empire State Building, I got a pretty view of it from VU NYC at the top of La Quinta Hotel.

My cousins and I stayed at the VU NYC for a few drinks with some new friends who were also from Davao City (small world, I know!) just before heading back home to Jersey City. | EmpireStateRoofTop | EmpireStateRoofTop

The Empire State Building will just have to wait until I come back to New York. *wink* | EmpireStateRoofTop | EmpireStateRoofTop | EmpireStateRoofTop | EmpireStateRoofTop

As of this posting, the rooftop bar we went to, VU NYC has closed down but I found a list of nearby hotels and rooftop bars around the Empire State Building by Tina from Of Leather and Lace


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